An African-American billionaire launches high-tech revenge against tony Westport, Connecticut after being pulled over for DWB.

My novel Respect has 5-star Amazon reviews and has been nominated for the Readers Choice Award. I receive e-mails from readers who tell me that they can’t put it down and read it in one day. I am so confident you will like my book that if you order it and are unhappy, simply e-mail me the receipt and I will send you $30 (only one per customer though). Email Joseph Bentivegna here

December 20, 2018
Format: Paperback

Joe Bentivegna’s newest book, “Respect” is a Bonfire of the Vanities for the 21st century. A taut, gritty plot line underscores a sweeping narrative about our societal institutions. With deep insight and humor, Bentivegna lays bare the fragile foundations that keep us civilized in a digital age. I found it difficult to put down this thought provoking page turner.

Billionaire African American Cord Campbell has just picked up his parents from the airport and is driving through Connecticut when he detours through a tiny suburb to avoid traffic. But the local politicians have instructed the police to keep the pigmented people out of the area and pull him over for DWB (driving while black.)

The police accuse Campbell of being a drug dealer and subject his family to a humiliating ordeal in which Campbell’s elderly mother is strip-searched. Outraged and unable to obtain justice from the legal or political system, Campbell solicits the help of his old MIT college roommate, a CIA operative. Together they unleash a ruthless high tech vendetta until Campbell accomplishes his true desire: “Respect.” What follows is an edgy and often hilarious exploration of barely concealed racism told as a taut page-turner that ranges through a kaleidoscope of ethnic experiences and economic classes. This novel, Respect, is sure to have people talking.
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